19.8 kg (43 lbs) of pangolin scales were confiscated from smugglers in Manipur.

Police in Manipur seized 19.8 kg (43 lbs) of pangolin scales from two smugglers over the weekend.

The suspects were identified as Lalsanhim Hmar (son of R Meta) and Ramneilien Hmar (son of Latalthang Hmar), according to KanglaOnline. Both are from Rangkai in the Churachandpur district.

They were apparently traveling from Dimapur to Imphal in a Bolero jeep (registration number MN-04A 5827). The scales were turned over to the Mantripukhri District Forest Office.

Pangolin scales are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a wide variety of common ailments, although the medicinal efficacy of pangolin scales is unproven.

Image by Joxerra Aihartza via Wikimedia Commons